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How to successfully use Video to market your business?

The Psychology of Video Marketing

We all know human beings love stories. The art of storytelling has been handed down from generation to generation. However, now with the prevalence of social media and VOD platforms, marketers also understand that video is key to the success of brands and businesses to convey their narrative across multiple screens.

What makes a video successful?

It’s not down to chance. We all know that video engages more people and makes them more likely to convert into your customers but why do some brands get it right and some get it so wrong?

There are many reasons why a video successfully achieves its objectives and even more reasons why it doesn’t.

Authenticity is key and this can only be achieved when all the right ingredients are put in place. Your video needs a coherent brand thread and message that runs throughout. Your video is your traditional shop window to your brand, business or service. Investing in the right location, lighting, sound and post production time will maximise ROI in the long term. You wouldn’t have discarded rubbish littering your shop window, so why would your brand video not be equally as pristine?

Corporate videos need to look professional

With video content quality for personal use saturating our screens with the rise of easy-to-use video editing Apps, the bar has been raised for corporate videos to be even more polished and professional.

The quality of your video content will be up to more scrutiny than ever. As the old adage says, you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

Good quality videos will naturally have higher engagement levels and search engines will prioritise this content. Alternately poor quality videos with low engagement levels will be penalised by the search engines and therefore your content will fall to the bottom of the pile.

Check out these client examples of engaging video content that have worked well and gained results for these brands.

> Digicorp

> Oven Paws

> Southfield Dental Practice

Why does video make people more likely to buy?

If a video is made well and conveys your brand usps then your customers will feel reassured to buy from you. Video testimonials and case studios also add credibility to your business, product or service. People like to buy from people and not faceless robots.

What is the science behind successful video content creation?

Video content creation specialists use the psychology behind successful storytelling to create engaging videos that resonate with their customers.

What is neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is a brain-based approach to the customer journey that helps marketers directly measure consumers’ underlying thoughts, feelings and intentions. Neurologists have taken the latest understanding of basic human cognition and applied it to marketing.

In a neurological study, it was found that a narrative to convey a product via video is a robust strategy to trigger the consumers’ brain towards a good experience, leading them to like both the product and the ad. The added bonus is that on social media platforms this can potentially mean people sharing your video – a perfect scenario for brands and businesses to experience viral growth.

5 top tips for making a successful video

#1. Pre-production is vital

Planning time at the pre-production stage is key, from establishing the core brand values to drafting the call sheets, setting the foundations before shooting the first frame is incredibly important. Making sure you are clear of the who / what / where and when sounds obvious but in reality smaller details often get overlooked in video projects. Setting the scene (it’s all in the detail!) for example is very important for 3 reasons.

i) Firstly (if shooting outside or near windows) have you considered the natural light variations? Where does the sun set and rise, and when does it start to get dark? Have you checked the weather report for your shoot day? Obviously if you’re using aerial drone photography and other expensive equipment you need to ensure you have the right protective equipment to deal with weather changes.

ii) Secondly - consider the acoustics of your location. A large echoey space will be a nightmare for your sound technician. Have you done a sound recce?

iii) Thirdly - does your chosen location associate with your narrative or convey the personality of your brand? Choosing the wrong location could undermine the story you are telling and distract from your key messaging. The right location should enhance the narrative of the brand or person telling the story.

#2. Lighting

Hopefully after careful consideration in pre-production you will know where you are getting your light. If you’re using natural light, be careful as light fluctuates throughout the day so we recommend artificial spotlight lighting for your subjects so that editing scenes together can be done with continuity of lighting.

#3. Sound

The majority of people focus on what looks good and overlook the audio. Don’t just consider what sound goods on the constant but take into account the background noise as well (car horns, phones, footsteps etc). Background noise changes can be a continuity nightmare at the cutting stage, for example, busy roads should be avoided. Avoid the hums and hisses and use a good quality microphone and choose acoustically good locations. Directional microphones (lapel mics, boom mics etc) will help block out unwanted exterior noise and always listen to sound through headphones. Trust us when we say, whatever your budget, hiring an experienced sound person will always be worth your investment.

#4. Post Production

Post production is the stage when content can be elevated further or improved if things haven’t all gone to plan. Whilst editing can do a lot, it can’t work miracles so take head of steps 1-3 first. A professional video editor can tweak any lighting and sound mistakes but a poor edit will devalue the content further. Choosing good graphics, transitions, animations and / or voiceovers to enhance the on screen narrative will elevate your content. If budget allows, we recommend using a professional video content scriptwriter to set the right mood for your brand. Always record audio at 0dB and make sure sound levels are perfect and consistent, especially when more than one stream of audio is being used (for example; when using music, voiceover and sound effects).

#5. Make your video content fit for purpose

You always recommend shooting content with the end-user audience in mind. Where will it be shown? Who is watching? How will they be watching it? We recommend choosing a professional editing company that can splice up longer brand videos and create social media snippets to the correct proportions and optimum viewing times. One of our dedicated Branded Account Managers can help you through this process.

Do I really need a professional video?

In short, yes production value does matter so employing a professional agency to create your brand video is essential to stay ahead of your competition. If you produce a quality video then your brand, business or service will be associated with quality.

How best to share your video on social?

You’ve done the hard work, now what next? Many brands fall down at the last hurdle by not getting their video out successfully to their customers.

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How can you create effective short social media videos easily?

When it comes to creating successful video for your social channels, you must bring your story to life quickly, so as to instantly gather interest as people scroll through their feeds. In the opening seconds, you must give clarity to your audience what your video is about and give the viewer confidence that what they're about to watch is worth their time.

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