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What are explainer videos?
Explainer videos are a great way to get a message across simply and effectively. Second only to personal interaction, videos are the best method of communication, and you can't be infront of every potential customer all the time, but your video can be!

Explainer videos as a marketing tool

Explainer videos can take complex subjects and give your audience bite-sized snippets of information clearly and concisely. 

There are many different types of explainer video, but very commonly it will be a 2d or 3d animation. We do lots of presentations and live-action videos but these normally fall under 'corporate videos' so please see our general corporate video page.


Education videos

Internal communication videos and external education videos are a fantastic way of communicating key messages to your team, audience or students. Education videos can take the form of animated explainer videos or live action presentation videos.  We can help you with both

Cost of explainer videos

We have a very simple structure for our explainer video pricing. There are three tiers;


Semi bespoke



Our prices start at £600+VAT for a one minute templated explainer video, £900+VAT for a one minute semi-bespoke video and £1200+VAT per minute for a bespoke or hand-drawn video. Please call for a personalised quotation.